Caring for your jewellery

Avoid contact with chemicals, perfume, hairspray and deodorant. We recommend that you also avoid direct exposure to sunlight and heat as it can damage your jewellery, and can particularly change the properties of gems and can make them change colour or become paler.
Jewellery is intended to be used as a decorative item and although our products are guaranteed against manufacturing faults, this does not include misuse. It is best to remove jewellery before entering water and before undertaking any other activity which may affect it.

For other questions about jewellery care please contact us.

Caring for your jewellery

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a metal containing at least 92.5% silver. This is the highest percentage of silver included in any silver jewellery before it becomes too soft to be practical. All of our silver items are hallmarked with the standard hallmarking for silver which is 925.

Cleaning your jewellery

Much about jewellery care is basic common sense, but it is vital to remember that gems make cleaning jewellery slightly more complicated.

Jewellery Care and Sterling Silver

Sterling silver will naturally tarnish with time and wear.
You will need to polish it frequently with a soft dry cloth to avoid tarnish. The best cloths to use are those impregnated silver polishing cloths, as available to buy from Tlws.

This will ensure that your jewellery maintains its original shine and lustre.
Any jewellery containing gemstones will need special care. It is best to use a toothbrush dipped in warm water and washing up liquid to lightly brush the stone.

REMEMBER THE RULE- put your hairspray, make-up and perfume on first, jewellery on last!